Krona S/S 8QT Multi-Roaster

Item number: 1643

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The base has a 5mm thick TRI-PLY ENCAPSULATED BASE and holds 12-18lbs of meat. The lid has a 3mm TRI-PLY ENCAPSULATED BASE and holds 4QT/3.8L, can also be used on a burner as a saute pan. The heavy duty rack can be placed on the base of either the roaster or lid. Allows juices to drain. Roaster Measures, 18.75"x11"x7 x 47.5cm x 28cm x 18cm Base holds 8QT/7.6L or 12-18lbs of meat Lid holds 4QT/3.8L The off set handles provide more room in the oven Hand washing recommended


  • Height: 16.375cm
  • Width: 19.25cm
  • Length: cm
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Details

  • Item number: 1643
  • Inner Carton Number: 1
  • Outer Carton Number: 4